Native Village of Eyak

10,000 years in our homeland

Tribal Public Works


Hartney Bay Subdivision/Whitshed Extension

•Developing remaining 2.6 miles of the Whitshed Extension
•Extending power and phone utilities into the subdivision
•Developing roads that will access lots off the main access road

Shepard Point Oil Spill Response Facility:

•Deep-draft oil spill response facility 4.4 miles north of town that will enhance Cordova’s existing oil spill response capabilities
•The proposed facility will consist of a dedicated  oil spill response deep-water port with all-tide access, additional staging and storage area, and an access road to the Cordova road system
•The facility will allow all-tide transfer of out-of-region supplies such as boom, skimmers, sorbents, anchors, tools, and personal protective equipment from the all-weather airport at Cordova to a wider variety of response vessels than can currently use Cordova’s port
•The facility will enhance regional spill response capability that presently exists in Prince William Sound (PWS), by providing all-tide access and efficient flow of pre-positioned and out-of-region equipment, supplies, and personnel to vessels responding to oil spills in PWS and the northern Gulf of Alaska.
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Community Census

•Tribal Community census will determine what types of programs are needed in our Tribal Community by counting all American Indian/Alaska Natives in our area
•Spending  a few minutes to complete the census helps NVE get its fair share of federal and state funding to better serve the Tribal Community

Mold Remediation Program [Coming Soon]

Mini Grant Program and Student Housing Scholarships [Coming Soon]