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Public Notice of Abandoned Property at Prince William Marina

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The following vessels have been abandoned at the Prince William Marina.  The Marina is now taking steps to clear out all abandoned vessels.  If you own one of these vessels or if you know who owns them, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Vessels with no known name             ID numbers if known

Vessel #1 –                                               ID No. AK 4223 M

Vessel #2 –                                               ID No. 24968

Vessel #3 –                                               ID No. 32835

Vessel #4 –                                               ID No. 22910 – AK 7925

Vessel #5 –                                                5605 P

Vessel #6 – only identification observed – letters in boat name “  _RYMAR”

Vessel Name

Tamarack –                                             ID No. 33547

Kara Sea –                                               ID No. AK-4349 AD

Pole Cat –                                                ID No. 4905

CLAIM YOUR ITEMS SOON – All items need to be moved at owner’s cost.  If boats are removed prior to November 30, 2019 the Marina will not take steps to collect back rent.  Contact the Marina manager at 907-253-4332 to make arrangements to move property.

Any property not claimed by November 30, 2019 may be auctioned off or disposed of.

Vessel #1
Vessel #2
Vessel #3
Vessel #4
Vessel #5
Vessel #6